Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Names and Brand Conscious - So?

I came across to a blog which an owner is a just married person (sorry I cannot specify the gender, he or she…So I use general pronouns). This person always blaming one way discussing about parents who bought expensive shirts for their kids as well as gave bombastic names to the babies, which according to this person’s idea; it would be such complication soon when the kids grown up and the-spending-many-habit for branded items are just waste of money. All about this person’s notes tend to criticize parents acts. According to this person those two common-parents’ procedures are too much that this person couldn’t really comprehend and if this person one day become a parent, this person will never obey the thingy. Nevermind, I sincerely accept this person's view.

I’m writing this entry not to condemn this person and also not because of I termakan cili and terasa pedasnya, but more to express what I feel right about myself (actually ourselves = me and hubby) doing those two things. It might look off beam in your view but probably right for us. Yes, we did give such bombastic names to our baby ~ Marsya Sophie Irdina (bombastic ke?ceh besa ja kan!) and we did spend plenty of money for our baby clothing! Is that means, we are doing wrong thing? **Keep the answer for yourselves, thank you!

Okay, let’s get the topic straight; I believe each of us has our own 'taste,' don’t we? To some people giving a simple name is enough but to others they want their baby names to be different from what already been invented in this world. What makes you special is your name! If your name is different from others, people can recognize you easily as well as more specialty in many things- that- I- can’t -think -right- now-but -I -believe -there- are! If not common names won’t be called common!

What makes people angry when you call him/her wrongly? It is very disrespectful when you call his/her name wrongly, or intentionally calling with bad names although he/she has a very special name! Indeed special, because your name is selected to differentiate you from others. A simple question as the answer is. Oh, did you know that, your parents had been thinking about giving you a name in the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy period (moreless)! So to give simple or complicated names – all depends on your taste; what you feel right about you and others calling your baby! Mull over babe!

I also noted that this person was raised by a wealthy family and perhaps during this person childhood time, this person didn’t have to desire what to buy/wear because all things were ready picked and fed for this person! So this person is undeniably a lucky damn person! ->; my obvious jealousy statement. Vice versa with my previous life, I wasn’t raised by a rich family and what I wanted to buy/wear, could only get when Hari Raya nearly coming. I had to struggle and achieved the best in class to at least get my parents bought something for me. 

If you are staying in US or UK, do you consider GAP, ZARA, GUESS labels are expensive? Ngeeee..not there, but yes In Malaysia you gotta spend RMs for this well known brands. (But now can easily get cheaper GAP, ZARA, GUESS outfits through eshoppe nowadays!). I don’t want Sophie to feel the hardship I’d been through, that’s why we fulfill everything we want and everything she wishes for, as long as we able to remit payment! We love dressing our baby and to be sure we never begging money elsewhere to get the money but we work hard for it! (I work hard to support my shopping habit T_T, half-ly true!

Whatever what not, I agree to this person final point! - buying branded items and giving such bombastic names do not reflect the good parenthood style. I’m adding some more points: What makes you a better parent is the way you teach your children to be good person! ;) Secondly, when you able to give the best for your kids; the best in any means that wouldn’t harm them.
Just my 20 cent ..perhaps 50 cent. No offence if you think differently. I respect your perception and do respect mine. Thank you!

Nota kaki: My dear Sophie, let say your long names are such complication, perhaps when you work with a company that really fussy about peoples’ names, mama suggest your email address should be or


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